This is my blog, my memories and my laughter!! I am Minxue and I am just pretty much me! I am a Hospitality and Tourism Student, a Soka Gakkai member, a daughter and certainly a friend. I wish to travel around the world someday! Most importantly,enjoy what is there to enjoy and suffer what is there to suffer. Live each day to the fullest. This is my entity of life! This is what I strive to achieve =D



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skin by: Jane
Tuesday, September 01, 2009 @ 12:57 AM

I am done with blogger after 4 years!! Thanks for the memories. Off to a new chapter in wordpress!! So long to the Disney timer as well!!


(link reflects in the title)

Saturday, August 08, 2009 @ 10:12 AM
The Botanic Movie Review

Bontanica Next Top Model

Botanical Gardens was really a day of camwhore and picnic!! The place really changed alot. I think the last time I was there was perhaps primary school or early secondary school! Nevertheless, the place is simply green and serene, really good for a person suffering form headache like me. . A very good place to picnic too. I wanna go there and take more photographs next time

Caught a few movies too this week. The HANGOVER with roo paps wr and jiayi was simply hilarious though the show can be described as " If you seek Amy" It was pretty sexual too thats why it had an NC 16 ban. Neverthelss, it is still really funny, better than any of those supposedly NC16 epic funny movies.

UP, I managed to watch it today with tes addy clara jason darran wayne and kenny. It was so touching at certain parts but most of the time, I was simpyl laughing. Russel is so ADORABLE, and he has no NECK. He looks like a mini jason in sec 1 and as quoted by him, I can take a photo of him and stick it on my ezlink card HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Being the ever movie junkie, soemday I do not mind writing in movie reviews as an occupation or part time or whatsoever. Of course there are many other genres of movies like gore, horror sexual emotional but still each movies explains a plot, a story and a purpose of mission. Up for instance was really about creating the best adventure for your own life, treasuring the people around you,thats the story I got from it after the movie. The Hangover was more of searching for the best friend despite the obstaclesand at the same time, it is bad to get wasted and DRUNK. Perhaps I should do a mini movie review on my blogger space each time I finished a movie. That would be dope.

Till then, it is NDP 2009! Boy time flies, I was watching the soka flaggers and singa city on youtube and cannot stop but feel nostaglic or laugh at it. Those were the youthful days and I am a freaking final year student now. At least next year, there would be a youth olympics too.Tmr would be our dearly WD seniors representing us to perform. and I wouldbe there for the mass mornign gongyo to be emcee once again. Jiayou then, the lovely mothers of the WD, I would be watching them from home =)!! Decided to skip the fireworks this year though. Just like this year NDP 09 them song, it kept repeating What do u see:
My answer to that besides the moon and stars would be MY BED! I need to sleep now, CIAOS!!

Monday, August 03, 2009 @ 8:58 AM
Thats why I go to school for


Managed to played a few rounds of Mahjong recently , ate 20 dollars value meal @ top table, hung out and chill with buddies and friends, attend my gakkai meetings, wore the same shorts to school with pankun and not forgetting behaving like a 3 year old kid @ Ikea. I guess I really lost my childhood LOL!! 3 weeks to exam, 5 papers to clear b4 I find mickey. Motivation is strictly needed. To anti muthus, thank you so much for the unpreishable egg. I think I will miss biz park fried rice with my sunny side egg.
She shall be my motivation for EXAM, HOW ADORABLE!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ 9:31 AM
Singing and more singing

Jiayu` -star.light.宥嘉 周杰伦/陈冠希/托里斯/安七炫[2118thfan] says:
omg wad happen sia
[ MINXUE ] says:
wad wad happen
Jiayu` -star.light.宥嘉 周杰伦/陈冠希/托里斯/安七炫[2118thfan] says:
dont know


Tell me how RANDOM can Jiayu Get!!! I went Karaoke today with her and tes at some place near Kampong Chai Chee CC. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. The bottomline after our karaoke session. All 3 of us would never ever be professional singers in our this lifetime. We are either too high or too low.Jiayu can also forget about her harmonizing. Together, we will make the skies rain in the drought. In this extremely hot weather, lets all continue singing hahaha!! My throat is a little sore after all the singing. =p

The YWD session tonight was great I would say. Learned alot and it is time that I should stop slacking. I left with a mere 30 plus days in Sing and a next next next next week before I go to the states. Time flies like nobody business so I should not set out to accomplish the vow I have set upon myself! whee

Once again, I would have to say NICK Pitera is hella sick with his wide vocal range and AHMIR has way better harmonizing than me tes and jy combined =p

Saturday, July 25, 2009 @ 9:35 AM
Time Vs Baby

Clare Tan Ler Ern

She is like the latest addition into our family. Indeed her name has been changed from Nico to Clare, my new baby cousin that is 19 years younger than me. Its her HAPPY ONE MONTH today and we were all treated to buffet lunch at a condo in SIMS avenue. YUMz!! Indeed, based on calculations, when Clare turns 19, I will be approaching my 40s. FAINTS!! That is certainly a HUGE AGE GAP...Times certainly flyfor it seems like only yesterday when I attended keefe Happy One Month and pinched the Baby cheeks of Denise. Now, both of them are like rPimary 3 and Sec 1 respectively!! WOAH!! How I wish I could be younger, and go back to my innocent childhood Days.!!

Indeed, Babies are like one of the cutest people on earthThe EVIL SIDE OF ME: Yingzi is 6 years older than me, aka 25 years older than CLARE!! At least I am approaching 40s 19 years later. Yingzi will be in her 40s already HAHAHAHA!!!
P.S ( I need a better tummy cause I just L.S in the toilet for like damm LONG!! GROSSSS )

Friday, July 24, 2009 @ 10:50 AM
times of enjoyment

My stinky Foot

The last and final group project for my final year inTemasek Polytechinc was finally completed. After like years of never ending projects, it has offically came to a closure. Closure is like one of the best words in the dictionary; seriously=D!!

So after weeks of zero resting, I took some time off for the past few days to just chillax with old friends. This includes TONIGHT, a night of rollerblading, hoegarden and EAST COAST PARK with pokey girls. Rollerblading was one word, TRAUMATISING. I just cant balance myself (c'mon I fell down from a double storey bus, clearly I lacked balance)Hoegarden was good though. I had the ASIAN GLOW as usual. But the best part was still talking to the girls. Still as funny as ever and the wind was strong. I love it =)

In addition. I was also being placed through a stringent lose weight, diet exercise programme at lynn house. Its been long since I exercise. As a matter of fact, I have been snacking and feasting like a moronic PIG. Hence, doing badminton, tennis basketball within a day was certainly strenous. Not forgetting push ups and jumping jacks whenever we drop a shuttlecock, so that includs a certain level of physical training. Last but not the least, there was my FAVOURITE SPORT OF ALL

For the past 4 months, I could hear the calling of my wan zi, tiao zi, tong zi and all my bai ban meimei, qing fa jie jieand hong zhong gege. And finally after 4 months later, I responded to their calling. It was a neutral ending to both rounds but the euphoria and adrenaline while playing MJ would never be forgotten. MJ spells love, yes I love michael jackson
Lastly, a big POTTER fan like me manage to catch the 6th movie. HP and half blood prince. I would strongly emphasise to READ THE BOOK if not one might enter and leave the cinema feeling as long as lalang. Classic example, Clinton who slept or nearly slept. I thought the film was quite funny amongst all the potter films but it did try to cover the book as much as possible. Honestly, the book is still one of the best and most classic literacy text ever. A collection deserved to be collected and a content certainly deserved to be read. PLEASE go read HARRY POTTER, a big shoutout to all!!

Till then, I still have a month plus to go before I fly off to ORLANDO!! Shall treasure every moment I can spend here. WHEE

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 @ 8:07 AM

A Date @ Sushi Tei with the POKEs where we talk practically anything under the sun. From updates of RELATIONSHIPS , all the Ds and K to more BARBERELLA and nice DAIDAI rolls!!!! We met in 2003 when the boys were still boys (its like army now), girls had fringeless hair and I still had my short and messy hair,with long white skirts. Now everybody is already at the tertiary level, some in our final year,some about to be a freshman in universities.6 going to 7 years of friendship. I do treasure it alot =)

<----------- Found this really cool countdown thing for DISNEY!! Reckon I should start do a little planning before I do fly off. Hopefully H1N1 would let us still travel. Talk to parents and thrash everything out today. I guess they are finally accepting the fact that I will be away for 5 months. Been experiencing plenty of benefits recently. But for now, there are still PWs to be completed and 5 papers to take and a whole lot of dinners to eat. HARRY POTTER is a must too

鸡包 包 鸡包 包 鸡包纸 包 纸包鸡 包 包鸡 纸 包 鸡包纸 包 鸡

Wang ah tal recommendation!!! I guess both of us are just big fans of funny youtube videos.